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Faculty Learning Community Program

We are pleased to announce that the Faculty Development Committee of the Senate, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost, is establishing a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) Program at RWU.

The Program provides faculty-led, year-long, cross-disciplinary seminars and workshops that address the pedagogical, scholarly, and professional needs of the faculty. Its aim is to advance faculty professional development by promoting effective pedagogy and scholarship through mentoring resources, programs and dialogue.

The Program is part of the larger institutional vision for a Teaching and Learning Center at RWU. This Program will not replace existing faculty development programs, but rather will supplement and expand them byproviding more long-term faculty development activities.

The FLC Program comprises of three communities operating simultaneously throughout the school year (September to May).  These communities can be topic based, or developed around a particular cohort in the faculty. To ensure that the FLCs remain organic and relevant to the needs of RWU, the themes for the communities will be directed by the faculty.

Each FLC accommodates eight to ten participants who will receive a stipend equivalent to one-hour of course overload per semester. Each FLC will be led by a faculty leader (usually the person(s) who proposes the FLC) who will receive one course release for the academic year. Initially, the Program will be overseen by the Faculty Development Committee, but eventually, a Program Coordinator will be selected to administer the Program.

For more information about the FLC Program, please see the document below or contact Kamille Gentles-Peart (Chair, Faculty Development Committee) at

Faculty Development Committee of the Senate


New Faculty Learning Community

Quantitative Teaching Learning Community

Community Engagement Faculty Learning Community