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Diversity Committee

This committee will be charged with monitoring, reporting on, and encouraging diversity at Roger Williams University.

2017-18 Chair: Alexander Knights

Members: Jacqui Cottle, Bob Engvall, Charles Thangaraj, Barbara Kenney

Diversity Committee Minutes 2 28 2018

Diversity Committee Minutes 11 29 2017

Diversity Committee Minutes 10 25 2017

Diversity Committee Minutes 9 27 2017

2016-17 Chair:  Charles Thangaraj

Members: Michael Melton, Jennifer Pearce,

Recent Posts:

  • Diversity Committee Minutes Diversity Committee Minutes 10_25_17 Diversity Committee Minutes 11_29_17  
  • Diversity Committee Minutes for September 2013 Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Meeting Sept 18, 2013 Present: Alejandro Leguizamo; Jason Jacobs; Kerry Ulluci; Jennifer Campbell; Rupayan Gupta; Yolanda Scott; Avelina Espinosa Start time: 3pm Before the agenda: DISCUSSION OF MEMBERSHIP ISSUES: Discussion of voting v. non-voting membership and representation; process of populating the committee; ...
  • Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Mintues 9_28_2011 Roger Williams University Diversity Committee Meeting September 28th, 2011  Present: Rebecca Leuchak (Senator-at-large, SAAHP – Art and Architectural History, Chair) Rom Woodruff (Senator, Center for Student Development) Don Mays (Assoc Dir of Admission/Coordinator Multicultural Recruitment)  Old Business We reviewed the collected materials documenting the history of ...
  • Diversity Committee Minutes 4_29_11 interoffice MEMORANDUM To: The Faculty Senate From: Michael R. H. Swanson, Ph. D, Chair, Diversity Committee Date: May 3, 2011 Subject: Members of the Diversity Committee met with Ande Diaz and Olivia Worden to discus recruitment for the National Coalition Building Institute Faculty Development Workshop on Friday, May ...
  • Diversity Committee Minutes 11/17/2010 Minutes:  The Faculty Committee on Diversity Wednesday, November 17, 2010 GHH 108 Members in Attendance: Charles Trimbach, Valerie Sloan, Romelyn Woodruff, Jennifer Campbell, Laura Choiniere.  Mike Swanson   Guests:  Kathleen McMahon, Olivia Worden. The meeting commenced at 2:00. Dean McMahon and Ms. Worden presented a mini-grant proposal which ...
  • Diversity Committee Minutes 9/29/10 The Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Minutes:  Meeting of Wednesday, September 29, 2010 GHH 108 2:00 p.m. Present:  Rom Woodruff, Alan Canestrari, Ferd Schroth, Jen Campbell, Bob Engvall, Rebecca Leuchack, Chuck Trimbach, Mike Swanson. Alan Canestrari distributed a list of past initiatives of the Diversity ...
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