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Curriculum Committee

This committee will be responsible for program coordination and facilitation of curricular innovation, helping to coordinate program development in the several University academic constituencies. Other duties will include library, technology issues, study abroad and core.

2018-2019 Chair: Jennifer Stevens

FSCC Minutes 11/14/18

FSCC Minutes 1/23/19

FSCC Minutes 2/13/19


2017-18 Chair: Jennifer Stevens – SHEA:Hum

Elliott McKinley – SHEA: Arts
Nermin Kura – SAHP
Annie Winfield – SHEA:Education
Amiee Shelton – SCS
Marybeth MacPhee – SNSS:Soc Vacant – SECCM
Sue McMullen – ACAD Jennifer Pearce – SNSS: MNS
Michael Melton- GSB Michael Hall – SJS

FSCC Minutes October 18_ 2017

FSCC Minutes November 15_2017

FSCC Minutes February 28_2018

FSCC Minutes March 28_2018

FSCC Minutes April 18 2018

FSCC Minutes April 25_18

FSCC Minutes Addendum May 2_18

2016-17 Chair: Roxanne O’Connell

Roxanne O’Connell CAS/HPA Anne Tait – SAAHP
Jennifer Pearce – CAS/MNS Amiee Shelton – SCS
Dave Moskowitz – CAS/SS Michael Emmer – SECCM
Sue McMullen – ACAD Annie Winfield – SED
Minoo Tehrani – GSB Michael Hall – SJS