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Academic Standards & Policies Committee

This committee shall be responsible for policy review in matters that affect student persistence and success. The committee shall act as the appeals body for Academic Standards petitions and shall serve as a liaison with the University’s Center for Academic Development.

2018-2019 Chair : Minoo Tehrani

Minutes, 10/3/18

Minutes, 11/2/18

Minutes, 2/13/19

Minutes, 4/17/19

Minutes 5/2/19


2017-18 Chair (Fall) : June Speakman, (Spring) Adria Updike

Members: Catherine Forsa, Yanni Bai, Mary Wu

SCS Curriculum Structure

Continuing Studies Ad Hoc Committee of the Faculty Senate report

SCS Executive Summary 11-28-12

SCS_1_11 questions

SCS Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee Report


Academic Standards and Policies Minutes 11_29_17

Academic Standards and Policies Minutes October 23_2017

2016-17 Chair: Thomas Langdon

Members:  Dave Moskowitz, Michael Scully, Adria Updike