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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate meets on the first Wednesday of the month during the academic year. Agenda for these meetings are posted below.  The Faculty Senate does not meet in the summer. Questions may directed to the executive committee.

2016-2017 Faculty Senate

President: June Speakman
1st Vice President: Chris Menton
2nd Vice President: Renée Soto

Senators Div/School Term Expires
Dorisa Boggs FCAS/HPA 7/18
Michael Emmer SECCM 7/18
Lindsey Gumb Library 7/17
Michael Hall SJS 7/18
Tony Hollingsworth At Large 7/18
Tom Langdon GSB 7/17
Elliot McKinley FCAS/HPA 7/17
Michael Melton GSB 7/18
Chris Menton At Large 7/18
Dave Moskowitz FCAS/SS 7/18
Katrina Norvell SCS 7/18
Roxanne O’Connell FCAS/HPA 7/18
Jennifer Pearce FCAS/MNS 7/17
Joseph Roberts FCAS/SS 7/17
Mark Sawoski FCAS/SS 7/17
Michael Scully FCAS/HPA 7/18
Ferd Schroth GSB 7/18
Roxana Smolowitz FCAS/MNS 7/17
Renee Soto At-large 7/17
June Speakman FCAS/SS 7/18
Minoo Tehrani GSB 7/17
Charles Thangaraj SECCM 7/17
Mel Topf FCAS/HPA 7/17
Adria Updike At-large 7/17
Annie Winfield SED 7/18
 Jeremy Wells  SAAHP  7/18
 Beth Duffy  SAAHP  7/18

Recent Posts:

  • Curriculum Committee Minutes 10/20/10   Minutes of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee October 20, 2010     Committee members present:  Nancy Breen, Anthony Hollingsworth (chair), Hasan Khan, Chris Menton, Jason Patch, Anthony Ruocco, Mark Sawoski, John Schlinke, Louis Swiczewicz, Minoo Tehrani, Dan Vilenski (ex officio) Visitors:  Douglas Koritz, Associate Provost ...
  • Academic Standards and Policies Committee Minutes 10/18/10 Roger Williams University Faculty Senate Academic Standards and Policies Subcommittee  Minutes: October 18, 2010 Present:  Kathleen Dunn, Louis Procaccini, Mary Wu, Jacquline Cottle, Matthew Gregg, Robert Dermody (chair), Attending next meeting:   Jennifer Stevens, Cliff Timpson, John Madritch (Note: due to the difficulty in finding a ...
  • Executive Committee Minutes 10/18/10 Executive Committee Minutes October 18, 2010 Attendees: President Champagne, Provost De Abruna, President Bosco, 1st Vice President Alfieri, 2nd Vice President Moskowitz The meeting began at 2 p.m.  President Champagne said that the Board will meet to discuss operating in a more transparent ...
  • Diversity Committee Minutes 9/29/10 The Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Minutes:  Meeting of Wednesday, September 29, 2010 GHH 108 2:00 p.m. Present:  Rom Woodruff, Alan Canestrari, Ferd Schroth, Jen Campbell, Bob Engvall, Rebecca Leuchack, Chuck Trimbach, Mike Swanson. Alan Canestrari distributed a list of past initiatives of the Diversity ...
  • Curriculum Committee Minutes 9/29/10   Minutes of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee September 29, 2010     Committee members present:  Nancy Breen, Anthony Hollingsworth (chair), Chris Menton, Jason Patch, Mark Sawoski, John Schlinke, Louis Swiczewicz, Minoo Tehrani, Dan Vilenski (ex officio) Absent: Hasan Khan and Anthony Ruocco Visitors:           Laura Niesen ...
  • Admissions and Enrollment Committee Minutes 9/27/10 Roger Williams University Admissions and Enrollment Committee Minutes September 27, 2010   Present:  Scott Rutherford (MNS), Min Zhou (FCAS), Josh Stein (FCAS), Tucker Wright (JS), Min Zhou (FCAS), Kelly Donnell (SED)   The meeting began at 1:05 a.m. in GHH 107.     Old Business   It was determined that the ...
  • Steering Committee Minutes 9/24/10 Faculty Senate Steering Committee Meeting of September 24, 2010 MINUTES   Members attending:  Jim Brunnhoeffer, Veronica Maher, Tom Sorger   1.  Student Evaluations of Teaching A new questionnaire was developed and refined, but has yet to be implemented. The low response rate to the online questionnaire continues to ...
  • Faculty Senate Minutes 9-1-10 ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY FACULTY SENATE Minutes September 1, 2010,  2:00 – 4:30 P.M. Library Board Room Meeting called to order at 2:05 Guests: President Champagne, Provost de Abruna Attendance: Peter Alfieri, Dorisa Boggs, Susan Bosco, Jim Brunnhoeffer, Robert Dermody, Kelly Donnell, Kathleen Dunn, Diane Harvey, ...
  • University Life Committee Minutes 9/15/10 University Life Committee Minutes September 15, 2010  Present: Roberts, Joseph (Senator, FCAS-Social Science, Chair) Fobert, John (Libraries) Hawkes, Catherine (FCAS-Humanities) King, John (Student Affairs) Melchar, David (Senator-at large, GSB) Nester, Nancy (Senator-at large, FCAS-Humanities) Ozer, Koray (FCAS, MNS) Thomas, Charles (SECCM) Webb, Paul (Senator-at large, FCAS-MNS) Old Business: Graduate Student Survey Committee discussed the ...
  • Faculty Development Committee Minutes 9/15/10 Faculty Development Committee Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2010    Time and Location:  4:00 – 5:30 pm in GHH G07 Attendance: Cliff Murphy (chair), Gary Shore, Li-Ling Yang Agenda: 1.)    Welcome Prof. Gail Fenske to serving on the FDC; Prof. McMillan has stepped down in order ...