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FSCC Minutes October 29, 2014

Below, please find the October 29 minutes of the FSCC meeting.

Minutes of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Room – GHH 101

Committee members present:

Al Cutting, Anthony Hollingsworth (Chair), Sue McMullen, Chris Menton, Joan Romano, Registrar (ex officio), Mark Sawoski, Yajni Warnapala, Ann Winfield

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.

Item 1: MOTION to thank Roxanne O’Connell formerly for her work on administering and maintaining the curriculum proposal website which the curriculum committees have been using for a number of years.

(Al Cutting/Chris Menton). Unanimously approved.

Old Business:

Item 2: After reviewing the FSCC archives, the proposal AS2013-85, which was under review at the 10/15/2014 meeting, had already been approved last year and required no further consideration. It had not been moved into the appropriate area last year.

Item 3: The Core 102 committee responded to FSCC comments about the Core 102 course description language. The Core 102 faculty agreed to add the word “primarily” in the description. The FSCC Committee unanimously approved this change.

New Business:

Item 4: proposals approved:

Identifying Information Description of proposal Motion (maker, second) Vote outcome
MC-Core 102 Title and description change Core 102 faculty agreed to add word “primarily” to course description.

(Cutting, Menton)


New text will read: This course, which is taught primarily by faculty from the Departments of History & American Studies and Politics & International Relations

AS 2014-02 New Program: Physics Minor Menton/Cutting 7-0-0
MC-Remove prohibition of Global Comm concentration for IB majors IB Concentration restrictions Holllingsworth/Menton 7-0-0
AS 2014-25 MNC CW 340: Remove pre-reqs and change to CW 241 Holllingsworth/Menton 7-0-0 Committee wishes that proposer check that changing from a 300-level to a 200-level does not affect current minors.
AS2014-42 MNC JOUR 430 change in pre-reqs, descr + sem. offered Menton, Cutting 7-0-0
AS2014-41 MNC JOUR 320 change in pre-reqs Cutting, Menton 7-0-0
AS2014-36 NC DANCE 430: Advanced Topics in Dance Menton/Sawoski 7-0-0
AS-2014-46 MNC COMM 200 Change in Pre-reqs and level Warnapala, Winfield 7-0-0
AS-2013-67 NEW MNC: Change Name of Major to PR Sawoski, Menton 7-0-0
2013-62 MC BIO376 Urban Ecosystems Tabled for clarity regarding the pre-requisites 7-0-0

Next Meeting
Scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 2:00pm-3:30pm – GHH 101
Meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Item 4: proposals pending:

Item 5: Motion (Winfield/Warnapala): A printed university catalog be provided to all members of all members of the various curriculum committees every year. Unanimously approved.

Item 6: Motion (Cutting/Menton): that the Registrar’s office suggest alternative, defining language to use in place of or in addition to the phrase “on demand” as found in the catalog descriptions of some courses not regularly offered. Unanimously approved.

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