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Faculty Development Committee Minutes (Meeting with Provost-April 4, 2013)



Minutes of Meeting with Provost Workman

April 4, 1:00 pm

Present: K. Donnell, K. Gentles-Peart, T. Wright, Dr. Workman

The following are minutes from our meeting with Provost Workman on April 4:

·      The Provost made minor changes to the FLC proposal, specifically to the budget. In the revised budget, the Program Coordinator will receive a course release plus a summer stipend (to be announced); faculty FLC leaders will receive one course release for the academic year; community participants will receive the equivalent of 1-hour of course overload per semester. We have also removed the Organizing Committee. The revised proposal is attached.

·      In the 2013/2014 academic year, the FLC Program will have three communities: a New Faculty Learning Community (NFLC) for incoming faculty, a  Quantitative Teaching Learning Community (QTLC), and a third which is to be determined (a possible one being experiential learning led by the CPC).

·      Each community leader is strongly recommended to attend a FLC summer institute at California Polytechnic State University, June 19-22, 2013 (see below).

·      All the community leaders are also expected to meet at regular intervals (perhaps once a month) with the FDC or a representative of the Committee. At the end of the year, they are also expected to disseminate results of their communities to the University, and provide suggestions/feedback to the FDC.

·      The FDC will develop a set of guidelines for the communities. Two such guidelines are: 1) all non-consumable materials purchased for the communities should be accessible to all faculty and 2) some level of peer observation of teaching activities should be included in the seminar.

·      The FDC will oversee the Program, but a Program Coordinator will be appointed in the near future.

·      The next step is to send out a general email to the faculty, introducing the Program and the three FLCs that will run in 2013/2014. Calls for community facilitators/leaders and participants will follow shortly.

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