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Faculty Development Committee Minutes (Meeting with Provost 11/29/2012)



Minutes of Meeting with Provost Workman

November 29, 2012, 12:30 pm

Present: K. Brooks, B. Celik, K. Donnell, C. Fagan, K. Gentles-Peart, C. Murphy, T. Wright

The Faculty Development Committee met with Provost Workman to discuss support for the development of a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) at RWU. The Provost is committed to the idea, and the committee is in the process of preparing a formal proposal for the organization and implementation of the FLC. We will present it to the Provost by January 18, and to the Senate shortly after.

Provost Workman and the Committee agreed upon the following features of the FLC:

  • The primary goal of the FLC will be to enhance teaching through year-long, regularly scheduled workshops that address delivery methods as well as content integration. Guidance in developing and conducting research programs will also be offered.
  • Initially, the FLC will be organized around new/incoming faculty to RWU beginning in the 2013/2014 academic year. Other FLC’s (such as those for mid-career faculty, international faculty, etc.) are possibilities for the future.
  • The FLC will be organized and led by faculty. A tentative administrative structure includes an organizing committee led by a program facilitator, all of whom will be drawn from the faculty.
  • The FLC being proposed for the 2013/2014 academic year is part of the larger, long-term vision of the Provost for a Teaching and Learning Center at RWU, which will consolidate units across campus that are related to teaching and pedagogical development. It will house, among other things, a teaching center for faculty, as well as a learning center for students and instructional technology. This Center is not being considered for the immediate future, but the FLC moves us closer to the realization of this goal.

Respectfully submitted,

Kamille Gentles-Peart


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