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Minutes 10/19/2011

October 19, 2011 4:00 – 5:00 pm, GHH 300

Present: Sean Varano, Tucker Wright, Rupayan Gupta, Scott Rutherford, Ben Carr, Kelly Donnell, Min Zhou, Roxanne OʼConnell (Chair)

NEXT MEETING: November 9, 2011; 3:30-4:30 pm, room TBA

The meeting was structured as a free dialogue between the members of the committee. The discussion fell into the following categories and elicited the following questions:

Our mission:

  1. Report back to senate what we are doing
  2. Pass on the impression to the people in admissions that faculty are not a threat
  3. Window of opportunity with the president to identify Admissions, Enrollment & Retention efforts we believe are Beneficial to the students, the faculty and staff that serve them, and the alumni association who are a valuable resource


  • What do we know about how students are recruited to come to RWU?
  • Are there interviews for every student who applies?
  • What role does the faculty play in that process here? What do role do they play elsewhere?
  • Why donʼt admissions allow faculty to be involved in recruiting students?
    • Senate Motion — ask the Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment to propose ways faculty could be more involved in the recruitment of students, in interviewing prospects as well as in the phone call program.
  • Top prospects and members of diversity groups should be called by the faculty… Revisit the faculty phone call program? Where has it gone?
    • –> Scott Rutherford will connect with Lynn to see where this is at and how it is conducted. Who are the target students? How are they picked?
  • What do we know about the $4 million that was spent to recruit more students for the 2011-2012 academic year?
  • Has an assessment been made as to the success of that expenditure?
  • How much was spent on scholarships; how much on marketing?
  • What knock-on effects are we going to experience in terms of the demand of student enrollment and the supply of faculty and classrooms to teach the 250 more students that were admitted?
  • Can we ask the President to report to us on the impact of the $4 million dollars that were spent?


  • What do we know about issues of retention at RWU?
  • Are there things faculty can do to increase retention?
  • What can we do to attract or recruit students who are academically equipped to succeed in our programs?
  • Who measures this?
  • How do we distribute scholarships to students who are already here?
  • Can we set some $$ aside for students whose financial situation has changed dramatically?
  • What can we do in the classroom and in advising to help with retention?

Assessment of the Process:

  • Identify the “states of nature”…
    • A&E try to get as many students as they can — they have to make a number
    • It appears that we never really plan because we have not identified what we want to be as a university
    • We are a tuition driven institution and so A&E is number driven
    • Can we get the numbers that help us understand how students are…
  • Is there a way to do retention assessment of from the backend forward? What can we find out about students who have done well here?
  • Can we create a profile or persona of a student that does well here so that we can better target students that will want to stay?
  • Has anyone researched and profiled the student who leaves? (Exit interviews?) Institutional Research might be were we get some of this information…
    • –> Roxanne will look for a contact in Institutional Research who can perhaps speak to us or provide us with some data.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm

Respectfully submitted by Roxanne OʼConnell Chair, Admissions & Enrollment Committee

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