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Faculty Senate Diversity Committee Mintues 9_28_2011

Roger Williams University Diversity Committee Meeting September 28th, 2011


Rebecca Leuchak (Senator-at-large, SAAHP – Art and Architectural History, Chair)

Rom Woodruff (Senator, Center for Student Development)

Don Mays (Assoc Dir of Admission/Coordinator Multicultural Recruitment)

 Old Business

  • We reviewed the collected materials documenting the history of Diversity initiatives at Roger Williams, noting our thanks to the members of the Diversity Committee who did this archiving work over the last few years. These materials are now available to all in the University Archives. 

New Business

  • We reviewed some of the model initiatives currently alive in our University community:
  1. The Law School’s Diversity Statement on the RWU  web-site
  2. The Law School’s Office of Diversity and Outreach
  3. The Law School’s hiring of a Director of Diversity and Outreach
  4. The School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation’s Diversity Plan
  5. The new Interdisciplinary Asian Studies Minor 
  • Specific projects for this year:
  1. Work with faculty to support fall film event: “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep  North,” screening on Monday, November 14th.
  2. Move the University Diversity Statement, which was approved by the Senate in 2009, on to   the President’s office and Board of Trustees for approval and public dissemination.
  3. Follow up on outcomes of the President’s Inclusive Excellence Committee and the Student    Affairs Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan.
  4. Work with the Provost’s office and Deans to develop a diversity plan for each School and       broaden that diversity planning to administrative offices.
  5. Work with the Provost’s office and Schools to promote curricular opportunities, including the development of cultural studies minors, i.e. Gender Studies, Latino Studies, Africana Studies.
  6. Investigate the creation of institutional partnerships with historically Black colleges and universities.
  7. Continue to document the diversity initiatives across campus for the growing archive. 

Diversity Committee meetings held the last Wednesday of the month:

10/26, 11/30, 1/25, 2/22, 3/28, and 4/25 at 2:00 p.m.

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