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Faculty Development Committee Minutes 5_2_11

Faculty Development Committee

Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2011; sundry emails

The Meeting Itself:

Time and Location:  4:15 – 4:55 pm in GHH G07

Attendance: Cliff Murphy (chair), Gary Shore, Barbara Kenney


  • Met to discuss the nominations received for the Excellence in Teaching Award and make sure that all who were nominated were eligible for the award.  List of nominees to be forwarded to an All-University mailing to solicit additional letters of support.
  • Other business


Re: Excellence in Teaching Award – We received a lot of letters with the nominations themselves, and determined at that time that we had 8 nominees to pass forward for additional letters of support.

Other business – we discussed meeting again when the final letters of support were received, set tentatively for April 27th


Sundry Emails: FDC correspondence included Cliff Murphy, Barbara Kenney, Gail Fenske, Gary Shore, Li-ling Yang, and June Speakman

The FDC was forwarded via Sue Bosco a request by Eileen Graham that the Faculty Senate identify 3 members of the faculty who are “Living the Mission” for the Recognition Wall that President Champagne would like in place by the end of May. 

We deliberated as to whether this was something that we wanted to be associated with.  While are in favor of recognizing our fellow faculty, this came to us both late in the year and in the midst of our determining this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Teaching award.  We also wondered how this relates to Faculty Development. 

It was suggested by Gail Fenske and adopted by the FDC that we choose to recognize the two past recipients of the Excellence in Teaching award as well as this year’s Excellence in Teaching award once determined for this year.  If this recognition is to continue, we would appreciate a discussion of criteria for selection of faculty occur prior.

In fact, a MOTION to that effect:

MOTION: The FDC agrees in principle to help facilitate the process of identifying faculty candidates for the Recognition Wall should this activity be continued in the future.  However, we request that the Senate task someone else (University Life, Steering, an ad hoc committee, the Senate as a whole, etc.) develop criteria for the selection of faculty to be so recognized in the future.

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