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Diversity Committee Minutes 4_29_11




The Faculty Senate


Michael R. H. Swanson, Ph. D, Chair, Diversity Committee


May 3, 2011


Members of the Diversity Committee met with Ande Diaz and Olivia Worden to discus

recruitment for the National Coalition Building Institute Faculty Development Workshop on

Friday, May 20, commencing at 8:30 (Breakfast available at 8:00). Our latest figure is

18. We will continue to seek out additional participants, trying to make sure that every

academic sector is represented. Currently, we have no volunteers from the School of

Engineering, Computing, and Construction Science, an no volunteers from the Natural

Science Division. Further letters of invitation and phone calls will be sent, from the

Committee, and also from Administrative Offices interested in this initiative.

We urge Senators to recruit among their colleagues, if they cannot attend themselves.

Respectfuly Submitted,

Michael R. H. Swanson

I move these minutes be accepted.

Minutes of the Meeting of Friday April 29

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