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Academic Standards & Policies Committee Minutes 4_12_11

Roger Williams University

Faculty Senate Academic Standards and Policies Subcommittee

Minutes: April 12, 2011  at  2:00PM

Location: ARCH 239A  

Present:  Kathleen Dunn, John Madritch, Cliff Timpson, Jennifer Stevens, Robert Dermody (chair)

Attending next meeting: Mary Wu, Lou Procaccini, Jacquline Cottle, Matthew Gregg



  1. Academic Integrity Policy – continued discussion on how to rewrite catalog copy for Academic Integrity procedures for new campus wide Academic Integrity Committee.  Members agreed to propose changes to key items in draft proposal from Deans Council.  Will work solely on this item at next meeting before final Faculty Senate meeting on May 4th.
  2. Catalog copy for Semester Credit Limit 

Motion – The Academic Standards and Polices Committee recommends to the Faculty Senate that no changes need be made to the catalog copy (on p. 69 of 2010-2011 RWU Catalog) regarding Semester Credit Limit.

  1. Additional meeting date and time – chair will email committee members to determine date and time for additional meeting to continue discussion of academic integrity procedures.
  2. Advising Center request to be on our next agenda – Susan Hammond of the University Advising Center requested to be put on the agenda at our next meeting to discuss the issue of advising undeclared students.  While the committee would like to entertain this discussion, it felt that its priority was to finish working on the academic integrity issue first.  Ms. Hammond will be invited to meet with the committee at the first meeting of the next school year.
  3. Socrates Café Ideas – there will be a Socrates Café on Wednesday April 27, titled “Does Academic Integrity Mean Anything to Students?”

Meeting Adjourned 3:30 PM

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