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University Life Minutes 3_9_11

 University Life Committee Meeting

March 9, 2011


Roberts, Joseph (Senator, FCAS-Social Science, Chair)

Celik, B. Gokhan (SECCM)

Gleason, Thomas (Student Senate President)

Hawkes, Catherine (FCAS-Humanities)

Nester, Nancy (Senator-at large, FCAS-Humanities)

Rossi, Lauren (FCAS-MNS)

Thomas, Charles (SECCM)

Yonan, Scott (Student Affairs)

Old Business:
Faculty Place
The ULC finalized survey questions and discussed the need to send the survey through the Human Subjects Review Board. The ULC expects to complete this process in April.

Kiosks/Bulletin Boards

The ULC discussed the initiative that has already been started at the University to install six kiosks around campus. The first kiosk was installed in front of the library closest to the clock tower. The ULC likes the existing kiosk but wants to see more unsecured kiosks on campus. The ULC has ideas for a suitable design of a round Parisian style kiosk.

Motion: The University Life Committee and the Faculty Senate encourage the university to install unsecured kiosks in key locations around campus in addition to the bulletin boards already proposed and shown in the December 15, 2010 University Life Committee Minutes. The unsecured kiosks should be installed in the several locations including, but not limited to, both entrances to the University Commons and the northern entrance to CAS.

Alcohol Issues on Campus
The ULC briefly discussed the “living conditions” of the freshman dorms with respect to partying, noise, and alcohol use. Jen Stanley, Tony Montefusco, Heidi Hartzel, Kim Hill, and Dean Kathleen McMahan have agreed to attend the April13 ULC Meeting (GHH 300 from 2:00-3:00) to discuss these issues and to see if ULC and the faculty senate can help their efforts. This is a continuation of the ULC’s attendance at the Outside the Classroom presentation by Brandon Busteed.

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