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Faculty Development Committee Minutes 3_23_11

Faculty Development Committee

Meeting Minutes – March 23, 2011


Time and Location:  4:15 – 5:20 pm in GHH G07

Attendance: Cliff Murphy (chair), Gary Shore, Li-Ling Yang, Gail Fenske, Barbara Kenney


  • Discussion of the Adjunct Report as prepared by June Speakman – any comments, concerns or is this ready to present to the Faculty Senate?


  • Excellence in Teaching Award – we’ll need to move this along pretty quickly


  • Any new business you would like to bring forward.  


Re: Adjunct Report – Consensus was to move the report forward to the faculty senate, no changes or edits necessary.


Re: Excellence in Teaching Award – Discussion was about the process as it was handled last year. Owing to concerns where some faculty were nominated but did not garner any letters or support, and instances where some faculty were nominated en masse without support, it was felt that the process should change slightly.  The new call for nominations reflects the main change – where when nominates a member of the faculty for consideration for this award, they also supply their letter of support at that time. 

Deadline for nominations in to Karen Maze on April 12th – FDC will meet on April 13th and turn around a call for additional letters of support to be collected by April 25th  (b/c April 23rd is a Saturday) . 


New Business:  Discussion of whether similar awards should be developed for Excellence in Service, Excellence in Scholarship;

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