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Executive Committee Minutes 3_8_11

Executive Committee Meeting

March 8, 2011


The meeting began at 4 p.m.

Attendees: President Champagne, Provost deAbruna, President Bosco, 1st Vice President Alfieri, 2nd Vice President Moskowitz

President Bosco informed President Champagne and Provost de Abruna that:

Election for Board Liaisons will commence after Spring Break

Two faculty will join the University Retention Committee. A member of the Admissions and Enrollment Committee – Tucker Wright and a Senator Scott Rutherford.

Senator Speakman will represent the Faculty Senate on the 9/11 Commemoration Committee.

President Bosco also informed the President and Provost of several motions contained in the FSCC meeting of 11/17/10 that were reviewed by the Faculty Senate

Motion 1 of minutes of 11/17/10 – To approve the use of the revised electronic curriculum routing form for FCAS curriculum proposals in place of the standard FSCC routing forms. (Hollingsworth/Moskowitz) – Passed unanimously

Motion 3 of minutes of 11/17/10 – To approve the following as one of the stipulations for FSCC approval of the Petition for a New Undergraduate General Education Program:

Students will be required to complete one course in each of the following five houses: systems thinking, human connections, global perspectives, social responsibility, and creativity. (Hollingsworth/Schlinke) – Motion tabled 26-1-1


Information from the Faculty Senate Diversity Committee regarding a workshop on diversity to be held the day before graduation (May 20, 2011) by the National Coalition Building Institute was shared with the President and the Provost. The workshop is being funded through a mini-grant submitted through the Dean of Students’ Office.

President Bosco then discussed with President Champagne and Provost de Abruna four motions from the Faculty Senate University Life Committee that were approved by the Faculty Senate at the March 2011 meeting.

The Provost would like to thank the ULC for all of their work over the past two years on the issue of campus climate for graduate students. Provost de Abruna would like to have the ULC present their report to the Dean’s Council, with a copy sent to President Champagne, so that further discussion and work can be done.

President Bosco presented the President and the Provost with the two motions concerning Gen Ed (the establishment of a General Education Committee and the lifting of the freeze on new faculty hires).

Motion  – The Faculty Senate strongly recommends that the freeze on new faculty lines be lifted to prepare for implementation of the general education curriculum in the fall of 2012. (Speakman/Murphy) – 27-0-1

President Champagne and Provost de Abruna indicated that because of budget constraints, requests for new faculty will be based on demonstrated need.

President Bosco asked whether resources will be allocated for the new General Education Program.

President Champagne stated that the program will be funded as it is an important program for the university.

President Bosco asked whether the Board will be willing to fund the Gen Ed program.

President Champagne said yes they would be.

Vice President Moskowitz asked whether faculty lines will be allotted to the back-filling of positions currently needed by the majors.

President Champagne responded that faculty lines would be going to support the Gen Ed program and majors, therefore, both the majors and the Gen Ed program will benefit.

Provost de Abruna added that three new faculty lines approved this year were in support of the Gen Ed program and the major: English, Math and Physics.

The motions regarding the General Education Committee were discussed.  There was agreement that the new Committee will be charged with finalizing and implementing the General Education program.  It was also agreed that some of the duties of this Committee will include the following:

  • Curriculum review and approval
  • Scheduling
  • Staffing
  • Academic Standards
  • Faculty Development
  • Assessment


Faculty Development activities may include:

  • Hosting workshops for faculty to assist in development of new courses and revision of existing courses to populate the General Education program at its outset
  • Providing developmental feedback to faculty whose proposals are not accepted
  • Meeting with faculty who teach in the General Education program on a regular basis to provide continuity and to provide a forum for discussion of ongoing issues.


There was also agreement that the Faculty Senate will conduct the election to populate this General Education Committee.  The committee shall have one representative from each of the professional schools, one from each division of the College of Arts and Sciences, and one from the Department of Academic Support. While the chair will be the Associate Provost for University Studies, this will be a non-voting position. 

The Faculty Senate is asked to clarify its motion regarding the election process for this committee.  Specifically, will voting be done across school/divisions or will faculty vote only for their own school/division and will there be term limits?

These questions will be addressed at the next Faculty Senate meeting on April 6, 2010.

Submitted by,

Peter R. Alfieri, 1st Vice President

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