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Senate University Life Committee Minutes 2_23_11

Faculty Senate University Life Committee Minutes

February 23, 2011


Roberts, Joseph (Senator, FCAS-Social Science, Chair)

Celik, Bilge (SECCM)

Hawkes, Catherine (FCAS-Humanities)

Nester, Nancy (Senator-at large, FCAS-Humanities)

Thomas, Charles (SECCM)

Webb, Paul (Senator-at large, FCAS-MNS)

Yonan, Scott (Student Affairs)

New Business:
Alcohol Issues on Campus
Discussion of site visit of Brandon Busteed from Outside the Classroom on alcohol use by students and the role of the faculty. Also discussed the “living conditions” of the freshman dorms with respect to partying, noise, and alcohol use. The ULC will invite Jen Stanley, Tony Montefusco, Heidi Hartzel, and Kim Hill to a future meeting to discuss these issues and to see if ULC and the faculty senate can help their efforts

Old Business:
Graduate Student Survey
Draft report of graduate survey results is attached including recommendations from ULC.

Faculty Place
The ULC continued to discuss the peer-aspirant list. We are planning to conduct a faculty survey in the next few weeks using Qualtrics to determine what faculty might want and how they might use such a facility. We encourage all faculty to take time to complete the survey when the link is made available.

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