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Senate Executive Committee Minutes 2_16_11

Executive Committee Minutes of February 16, 2011

Discussion about the list of faculty names for the Board Committees

President Bosco said that she was looking for volunteers from the Faculty Senate to run the election.

There will be three Board committees to each of which two faculty members will be appointed by the Board Chairman for two-year terms;  the Advancement Committee, the Recruitment, Retention and Student Life Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee.

Two will be in Academic Affairs (Bob Blackburn started 4 years ago)

We need to elect candidates with a staggered schedule in order to have continuity.

These will be non-voting members.

The election committee should be set up during the March Faculty Senate meeting.

Catalog Changes

Questions regarding the Faculty Senate motion concerning handbook course or program descriptions.

Apparently some deans have been making some changes without input from chairs and faculty members.

Presently the material goes from the Provost to the Registrar.

There should be no change, except minimal editing, after the Curriculum Committee and the Provost sign off.

Status of the Diversity Statement (from the March 2009 Faculty Senate meeting)


A Diversity Statement is currently being formulated by the President’s Council for Inclusive Excellence who will be looking at the Faculty Senate’s Diversity Committee Statement.

Perhaps it could be used by the University as its diversity statement.

The statement was brought to former President Nirschel, who stated that the legal counsel had suggested some changes.

President Champagne said that he supports the Senate’s efforts and that it is nice to have a University statement that was initiated by the faculty, and that the President endorses.

The Provost suggested that perhaps we should have a town meeting about this issue and have questions brought up in advance.

The President said that we should get the process completed.

Vice President Moskowitz asked if the Board of Trustees is involved in this process.

The President replied that the Board does not necessarily have to decide those things, but he does have to report it to them.

An academic representative for the Board of Trustees is being sought.

The President has said the Board has told him to call the prospective candidate for the Board.


Submitted by, 

Peter R. Alfieri

First Vice President of the Roger Williams University Faculty Senate

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