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Faculty Senate University Life Committee Minutes 12_15_11

Roger Williams University University Life Committee Meeting

December 15, 2010  


  • Roberts, Joseph (Senator, FCAS-Social Science, Chair)
  • Fobert, John (Libraries)
  • Nester, Nancy (Senator-at large, FCAS-Humanities)
  • Ozer, Koray (FCAS-MNS)
  • Rossi, Lauren (FCAS-MNS)
  • Thomas, Charles (SECCM)
  • Yonan, Scott (Student Affairs)

New Business:

Alcohol Prevention Coalition Onsite Visit

The ULC was invited to participate in the presentation “The Role of Faculty in College Student Alcohol Prevention” for the RWU Dean’s Council, Associate Provost,and University Life Committee on February 1, 2011 from 10:30-11:45. The topic of the presentation is listed below. There was discussion that the timing of the presentation was unfortunate because many faculty members of the committee will be teaching at the time but were interested in the subject. Those who can attend have promised a full report at the next meeting.

Title: “The Role of Faculty in College Student Alcohol Prevention” Audience:

This presentation will present an overview of the research demonstrating the connections between student alcohol use and academic performance. It will provide some framing of effective prevention, answering “what does best practice look like?” and “how do various campus entities have a role to play?” It will then turn to the role that faculty can play in supporting alcohol prevention on campus, from indicators of student alcohol problems and the appropriate faculty response, to specific actions that faculty can take to proactively address alcohol issues (e.g., promoting student internships and academic opportunities to support alcohol prevention, incorporating information on alcohol in the curriculum, assigning papers and exams on Fridays, not reinforcing unhealthy norms, etc.). Data demonstrating the value of AlcoholEdu and how faculty can build off of these messages to students will also be presented.

RWU Dean’s Council, Associate Provost and University Life Committee

Old Business:

Graduate Student Survey
Waiting on final draft of report on the survey, expected by mid-January, to be discussed at February meeting.

Faculty Place
Discussed the peer-aspirant listand assigned institutions for everyone to survey over January break. We will discuss results beginning in February.2

Kiosks/Bulletin Boards
Scott Yonan discussed the initiative that has already been started at the University to install several (6) kiosks around campus. The initial plan is to have a sample available beginning in December and upon final approval to install the remainder around campus. The plan is attached below.The committee thought the proposal was good and looked forward to seeing the kiosks in place and widely used.


(Proposal by Scott Yonan, Director of Special Projects -12/3/10, revised on 12/7/10, approved by Cabinet on 12/8/10)

Faculty, staff, administration and students are in agreement that there is a severe lacking in outdoor areas to post flyers and posters for campus events. Campus Message Centers are needed to supplement The Daily Dose and MyRWU. VP John King asked Scott Yonan, Director of Special Projects, to touch base with the appropriate offices for input and put together a proposal for campus-wide message boards. Here is that proposal:

  • the message centers should be made of recycled materials and complement the look of the campus
  • the message centers should be strategically located so as to be easily accessible to the greatest number of RWU Community members,
  • It is hoped that this can all be brought together in time so that message boards are installed campus-wide by the beginning of the Spring 2011 semester or shortly thereafter.


(Followed by Scott’s recommendation of how many panels/sides each unit should have)



West side of Commons, between Admissions and the Commons…. across the sidewalk from the campus directory /YOU ARE HERE sign (northwest corner of the Quad) (2-SIDED) In D’Angelo Common by the Roger Williams statue (next to the sidewalk)(3-SIDED) 3.




North campus…y the crosswalk at North Res Hall….in the corner by the new basketball court (2-SIDED) South end of campus……ext to stairs in front of CSD (Center for Student Development) (2-SIDED) To the east of the Commons, next to the crosswalk between Career Center and the Commons (3-SIDED) North End of Maple Hall…in the grassy “vee”…intersection of the two sidewalks (3-SIDED) SUGGESTED TYPE AND PRICES

After much research, Scott decided to go with a company named

The message centers are made of lumber from recycled plastic in a variety of colors with roofs, lockable panels, and acrylic glass (plexiglass) windows to keep rain, wind and snow out. The number of sides that we desire for each message center will be determined not only by available funds, but also by the EXACT locations where message centers will be. We don’t want to have multi-sided message centers in areas where either only one side is accessible for viewing OR in areas where we don’t want people to walk around the message center in order to view all panels due to damage that will be done to the lawn/gardens. Example: A message center located next to the campus directory between the Admissions Building and The Commons can have only one side if it is right next to the campus directory, but if it is located 8 feet away, across the sidewalk from the campus directory, a 2 or 3- sided message center would work.

Barco which is headquartered in Illinois, with their factory in Wisconsin. Tom Kane has dealt with Barco before and says that they have good products and an excellent reputation. 3 Pricing (below) is for in-ground units (not surface-mount). Our Facilities staff will be responsible for installation.

Prices for units are as follows: Large Single-Sided (one pane) – $1188 ($1009.80 with 15% discount)

Large Double-Sided (two panes) – $1548 ($1315 with 15% discount)

Large Triple-Sided – $3488 ($2964.80 with 15% discount)

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