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Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Minutes 1/31/11

 Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Minutes

January, 2011

Minutes of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee Committee members contacted: Nancy Breen, Anthony Hollingsworth (chair), Hasan Khan, Chris Menton, Jason Patch, Anthony Ruocco, Mark Sawoski, John Schlinke, Louis Swiczewicz, Minoo Tehrani, Dan Vilenski (ex officio)

The January meeting was conducted through electronic balloting


January 2011

New Business:

Submitted proposals reviewed in January


FCAS ProposalsNATSC 430 – Topics in Environmental Science


NATSC 430L – Topics in Environmental Science Lab 

New course 

BIO 430 – Topics in Biology 

No. of credits change 

BIO 430L – Topics in Biology Lab 

New course 

COMM 360 – Communication in Organization 


COMM 465 – McLuhan’s Global Village 

New course 

PSYCH 450 – Research in Psychology 

Revised course description 

East Asian Studies Minor 

New minor program 

ASIA 100 – Foundations of Asian Studies 

New course 

ASIA 450 – Colloquium in Asian Studies 

New course 


Bachelor of Arts – Visual Arts program changes 

Reduction in credit hours 

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Visual Arts program changes 

Increase in credit hours 

VARTS 472 – Visual Arts Thesis 

New course 

VARTS 491 – Inter Media 

Reduction in credit hours 

VARTS 492 – Senior Studio 

Reduction in credit hours 

VARTS 190, 290, 390 – Intersections 

New courses 

VARTS 330 – Special Topics in Visual Arts 

New course number 

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