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Faculty Senate Admissions and Enrollment Committee Minutes 12_6_10

Roger Williams University

Admissions and Enrollment Committee Minutes

December 6, 2010


Present:   Sue McMullen (Library) (MNS), Min Zhou (FCAS), Josh Stein (FCAS), Tucker Wright (JS), Kelly Donnell (SED)

Guests: Ande Diaz, Don Mays, Reuben Tillman, Mike Swanson


The meeting began at 1:00 p.m. in GHH 107.


Old Business


Committee members are continuing to work on annotations of assigned web sites and will send them to the chair of the committee when completed.


Continued Business
Our meeting continued our discussion on ways in which the committee can support the recruitment, admission, enrollment, and retention of underrepresented students.  Our discussion also explored the idea of connecting groups on campus that are focused on similar goals. Our guests, Ande Diaz, Don Mays, Reuben Tillman, and Mike Swanson, contributed ideas and suggestions based on their areas of expertise.


Suggestions proposed:

  • Continue to annotate web sites as discussed in previous meetings;
  • Develop a financial aid “fact sheet” to help students navigate scholarship databases;
  • Look internally and inventory scholarships offered through RWU;
  • Determine what information is available to students through the Admissions/financialaid/scholarship site;
  • Determine the status of the scholarship identified as “Faculty Minority Scholarship;”
  • Determine the viability of librarians and faculty offering scholarship database tutorials;
  • Determine the availability of faculty willing to offer “mini classes” to prospective groups of students brought to campus by Don Mays;
  • Determine whether there are specific foundations with whom we can
  • Consider a role in this process for professors emeritus.


We plan to discuss these suggestions at the next committee meeting in February. The committee chair will contact Lynn Fawthrop to follow-up on faculty phoning of accepted students, an item discussed at our meeting in October.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Kelly Donnell, Chair (SED).

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