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Faculty Senate Academic Standards and Policies Committee Minutes 2/3/11


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Roger Williams University Kathleen Dunn, Cliff Timpson, Robert Dermody (chair) 1. Continued Business – Discussion of Academic Integrity Issues


Faculty Senate Academic Standards and Policies Subcommittee

Minutes: February 1, 2011


Meeting called to order at 2:30PM

Reviewed and discussed Dean’s Council draft proposal regarding Academic Integrity dated 19 January 2011.

The committee appreciated the Dean’s efforts in drafting a new Academic Integrity Policy in response to the Faculty Senate motion from last spring recommending

“…the academic integrity policies and procedures at RWU be revised to establish a University Panel for Academic Integrity, the overseer of which is the new Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies.The committee has several questions and concerns regarding the new policy.

Regarding the Academic Conduct Committee:

What will be the composition of the committee be?

Will there be students serve on the committee?

Regarding the procedure Section of the proposal:

Item 1., what does the term “independently” mean?

Item 2., Does the Academic Conduct Committee only hear appeals, or does it also review allegations and/or breaches of academic integrity that are not appealed by the student?

Item 3., wording of the first clause, “…The University Academic Conduct Committee is empowered to investigate and adjudicate all cases of suspected breach[es] of academic integrity…” is not clear relative to procedure item 1.

There is a general concern that faculty members’ roles/rights in the adjudication of breaches of academic integrity in their own classes are not clearly defined.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM.

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