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Faculty Development Committee Minutes 11/17/2010

Faculty Development Committee

Meeting Minutes – November 17, 2010 


Time and Location:  4:15 – 5:35 pm in GHH G07

Attendance: Cliff Murphy (chair), Gary Shore, Li-Ling Yang, June Speakman, Gail Fenske


  • Approve minutes of meeting on Sept. 15, Oct 20
  • Report on Adjunct Hiring Practices
  • Discussion of applications for the Provost’s Teaching Colloquium Grant


Old Business:

A motion was proposed to bring to the senate on November 3rd regarding the dissemination requirement of the Provost’s Teaching Colloquium grant award.  It reads:

The Senate requests that the Associate Provost for University Studies establish through the Center for Teaching and Learning a forum for the Provost Teaching Colloquium Grant recipients’ presentations to the faculty.

This motion was not made at the November meeting of the Senate – the majority of the time was devoted to President Champagne and the process of the search for the next president.  This will be brought up again at the December 1st meeting of the Senate.

New Business:

Item 1 – Minutes were unanimously approved for both September, October meetings of the FDC.

Item 2 – June Speakman has a report in process, and awaits response from one or two school divisions within RWU to complete the report for review before presentation to the Senate.

Item 3 – The FDC had received five (5) grant applications by the November 15th deadline.  The FDC recommends to the Senate three for funding:

  • Loren Byrne, “What is environmental literacy? Engaging faculty in dialogue about knowledge, behavioral and affective learning outcomes.”   $1087.52
  • Joseph Roberts, “What role should international relations play in general education?” $1657.40
  • Becky Spritz, “Place as text: A pedagogy for multidisciplinary active learning.” $1800.00


Two were denied because their stated objectives did not meet the objectives of the Provost Teaching Colloquium Grant.


Since the total recommendation of awards is $4,544.92, and the Provost’s Teaching Colloquium Grant is funded to $7,000.00 we recommend that the Senate requests that Provost allow a second call for applications to be processed in the middle of February of the coming spring semester.

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