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University Life Committee Minutes 11/17/10

University Life Committee Minutes



Roberts, Joseph (Senator, FCAS-Social Science, Chair)

Coon, Julie (SJS)

Fobert, John (Libraries)

Nester, Nancy (Senator-at large, FCAS-Humanities)

Rossi, Lauren (MNS)

Webb, Paul (Senator-at-large, FCAS-MNS)

Yonan, Scott (Student Affairs)

Old Business:
Graduate Student Survey
Committee continued discussion of Graduate Survey will write an executive summary outlining the ULC recommendations on each of the following items:

  1. Parking (free or parking ban should be lifted at 4:00 to accommodate grad. Students.
  2. Information on programs
  3. Library
  4. Graduate space (lounge, study areas, or dedicated lockable carrels)
  5. Rec Center
  6. Health Center
  7. (New Addition) Updating Graduate Section of University Catalog (which was last completed in 2005, according to the institutional memory of members of the committee)

Faculty Place
Pending the receipt of an updated list of Peer/Aspirant Institutions, the committee will divide the list to research what our peers have for faculty spaces on campus. Questions were included in previous minutes.

Kiosks/Bulletin Boards
ULC discussed an existing proposal that originated in Student Affairs as a starting point for moving forward with an updated proposal to increase the interconnectedness of the University. ULC hopes to have the existing proposal for the December meeting.

Paperless Teaching
Instructional Design has created a website template to promote paperless teaching. ULC would like faculty to contribute resources, tips or suggestions, and possibly agree to star in online how-to videos (created using Panopto). ULC would like to explore the possibility of creating a tips site that can be linked to the main page where faculty can email tips for automatic posting.

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