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Curriculum Committee Minutes 11/10/10

Draft Minutes of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

November 10, 2010



Committee members present:  Nancy Breen, Anthony Hollingsworth (chair), Hasan Khan, Chris Menton, Jason Patch, Mark Sawoski, John Schlinke, Louis Swiczewicz, Minoo Tehrani, Dan Vilenski (ex officio)

Absent: Anthony Ruocco

Visitors:  Joan Romano (invited to serve as timekeeper)       


The meeting was called to order at 3:10 p.m.


Old Business:


General Education Proposal


The chair requested that all committee members observe a five-minute time limit with their remarks in order for everyone to be heard.


The chair summarized the progress of the General Education proposal to date and made a motion to approve the proposal, pending changes based upon faculty recommendations submitted to the committee.  The motion was seconded.  Discussion ensued.


Some members spoke against the motion on the floor and discussed alternatives.

The motion must first be discussed and voted on before moving to alternatives.

Concern was expressed about where the proposal came from.  Did it follow the proper curricular flow?

A member felt the proposal should come from a curriculum committee and would like to see some verification that it is legitimate for the FSCC to consider it.

It was observed that it did not come through the Core Curriculum Committee because it is not a core curriculum proposal.

It came through the General Education Committee, which was formed for this purpose, because there was not an appropriate standing committee to consider it.

Given the circumstances, a member felt the proposal should be approved by the Senate prior to coming before the FSCC.

A member suggested that the FSCC’s role is to first examine curricular related proposals for the Senate.

A member suggested amending the motion to vote on the proposal as submitted, rather than voting on it with stipulated changes because the stipulated changes would substantially alter the proposal

A member discussed the concerns about the proposal identified by faculty from the member’s school.

A member stated that the FSCC has the right & responsibility to consider the proposal.

A member suggested the FSCC should act based on the overall feedback we have heard in the community.

A member stated that the sense is the proposal is unacceptable to the community, even with changes.

A member suggested pulling out pieces of the proposal to identify those that can be agreed on.

A member suggested amending the motion to list areas in which the FSCC will recommend changes.



Discussion of such areas or lists that the committee could recommend ensued. 


A member suggested adding a five-course concentration as a proposed area of change in the proposal.

A member suggested dividing the proposal into pieces clearly outlined in the proposal.



To approve the Petition for a New Undergraduate General Education Program pending changes from the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee in the following six areas:

1. Reduction in total credits from 48-51credits to 40-41 credits

2. Examination of double-dipping (specific recommendations forthcoming)

3. Elimination of scaffolding/levels

4. Examination of the number of houses (specific recommendations forthcoming)

5. Clarification/examination of prerequisites (specific recommendations forthcoming)

6. Recommendation of additional requirements (specific recommendations forthcoming)


7 – Aye

1 – Nay

1 – Abstain


Motion passes.


At its next meeting (scheduled for Wednesday, November 17, 2010) the FSCC will discuss changes in the six areas itemized above.


A thank you was extended to Joan Romano for serving as the timekeeper during the meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

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