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Academic Standards & Policies Minutes11/10/ 2010

Roger Williams University

Faculty Senate Academic Standards and Policies Subcommittee

Minutes: November 9, 2010

Present: Louis Procaccini, Jacquline Cottle, Cliff Timpson, John Madritch, Robert

Dermody (chair),

Attending next meeting: Mary Wu, Kathleen Dunn, Jennifer Stevens, Matthew Gregg

(Note: due to the difficulty in finding a common meeting time for such a large committee, the

committee has agreed to meet on alternating days each month, so more people can


Meeting called to order at 3:30PM

1. Continued Business – Discussion of University plagiarism policy

Discussed academic integrity procedures among the schools.

Continuing Education is very different in that all cases are referred to ASC.

Academic integrity offenses are/may be unevenly reported to the deans and/or the


There should be a campus wide database of infractions.

We feel that faculty need to be more aware of the current catalog policies requiring

reporting of infractions of academic integrity to their dean.

How are incidents across schools handled?…there is some confusion about who

handles hearings and appeals etc.

Could current University Academic Appeals committee become the new University


Does current University Academic Appeals Committee handle academic integrity


Has the committee ever considered violations of academic integrity in their decision

making process?

Motion: The Faculty Senate requests that the Provost purchase and implement

the Academic Integrity Assessment Guide from the Center for Academic Integrity.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.

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