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University Life Committee Minutes 10/20/10

University Life Committee Minutes

October 20, 2010


Roberts, Joseph (Senator, FCAS-Social Science, Chair)

Fobert, John (Libraries)

Hawkes, Catherine (FCAS-Humanities)

Nester, Nancy (Senator-at large, FCAS-Humanities)

Ozer, Koray (FCAS, MNS)

Thomas, Charles (SECCM)

Old Business:
Graduate Student Survey
Committee continued discussion of Graduate Survey Action Items. Based on our review, the following items are the critical ones for further discussion:

  1. Parking (free or parking ban should be lifted at 4:00 to accommodate grad. Students.
  2. Information on programs
  3. Library
  4. Graduate space (lounge, study areas, or dedicated lockable carrels)
  5. Rec Center
  6. Health Center

Faculty Place
Pending the approval of the motion from September the committee discussed moving along with a review of peer and aspirant institutions to determine their faculty space offerings. Questions to be researched are:

  1. Is there a space for faculty?
  2. Is the space for formal or informal use?
  3. How accessible is the space (only for faculty, locked with key access, weekend or evening use, reserved space, etc.)?
  4. How did the space come to exist?
  5. How is the space used (lunch room, lounge, meeting space, etc.)?
  6. Where is the space located on campus?
  7. What offerings of food/drink are available? A possible name at RWU might be the Faculty Coffee House
  8. Who funds the center?

New Business:
Students’ Intellectual Property
Thanks to Sue Bosco for the heads up ULC discussed this issue. The committee does not think this is appropriate for our committee. Our discussion centered on the fact that this was academic standards question. What rights do students have to their work was seen as a policy/procedure question.

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