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Faculty Development Committee Minutes 10/20/10

Faculty Development Committee

Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2010 


Time and Location:  4:15 – 5:35 pm in GHH G07

Attendance: Cliff Murphy (chair), Gary Shore, Li-Ling Yang, June Speakman, Gail Fenske


  • Approve minutes of meeting on Sept. 15
  • Discussion of updated form for Provost’s Teaching Colloquium Grant
  • Report on findings so far regarding adjunct hiring practices in other departments/ at other institutions
  • Future meeting dates: November 17th, December 15th – would we need another for the purpose of Provost Teaching Colloquium grant applications being reviewed



Item 3 – We started right in with a discussion of the normative practices in our own departments and what we had found in other departments.  Our general sense is that departments typically set their own criteria for adjuncts but hiring decisions rest ultimately with the dean.  June Speakman volunteered to assemble a report on for the FDC to review in November.    

Item 2 – Discussion of changes made to the Provost’s Teaching Colloquium Grant; the main changes were to add separate budget categories for conference registration and travel to the existing categories for ease of review; also language was added requesting that if applicants had received this grant in years prior, they discuss the outcomes of that grant as part of their current application.

Item 4 – The possibility of needing additional meeting dates was raised specific to the administration of the Provost’s Teaching Colloquium grant awards, but to be decided upon at the November FDC meeting.

New Business: A motion was proposed to bring to the senate on November 3rd regarding the dissemination requirement of the Provost’s Teaching Colloquium grant award.  It reads:

The Senate requests that the Associate Provost for University Studies establish through the Center for Teaching and Learning a forum for the Provost Teaching Colloquium Grant recipients’ presentations to the faculty.

Regarding Item 1 – it appears we adjourned without addressing approving the prior minutes.

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