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Executive Committee Minutes 10/18/10

Executive Committee Minutes

October 18, 2010

Attendees: President Champagne, Provost De Abruna, President Bosco, 1st Vice President Alfieri, 2nd Vice President Moskowitz

The meeting began at 2 p.m.

 President Champagne said that the Board will meet to discuss operating in a more transparent manner.

The Board members will be recruited to become part of standing committees;

There will be an executive committee that will include the Chairman, the President, and a chair from each standing committee.

This process should make the committee more inclusive.

There are updated by-laws that the Board will be adopting.

President Bosco asked if there have been any changes made to the nepotism policy.

The President asked if the question referred to the former President’s son, and continued saying that there should be some changes. Nepotism is a type of conflict of interest because the President is part of the Board.


President Bosco asked President Champagne if there could be a faculty member on the Board.

President Champagne replied that it would be a conflict of interest if someone would have something to gain from a particular vote.

He continued saying that there might be the possibility of having a faculty member on a committee level but he or she would not be involved in voting.

President Bosco asked if there could possibly be more academics on the Board.

President  Champagne said that it would be a definite plus, and asked that the Senate resend him the list of possible candidates that was generated previously.

President Bosco said that there has been poor communication between the Board and the faculty in the past. She continued saying that there seems to be some separation because we received no written response to our letter to the Chairman.

President Champagne replied that communication is very important.   He said that he has been having dinners at his home for all the Board members before each meeting to encourage more communication among board members as a start. The response has been very positive.

The President continued by saying that, as trustees get involved with fund raising, they will want to be involved with our projects. He feels that these trustees would love to come and speak with us and our students about their expertise or subjects of interest.

The Provost suggested that perhaps the President could act as an intermediary, and said that President Bosco had a Board member and alumni, Tim Yeaton, speaking at the School of Business for Homecoming weekend.

President Bosco asked President Champagne if the legal counsel could investigate the issue of students’ intellectual property rights that was raised at the Faculty Senate meeting.

                Regarding the motion on student evaluations.

The Provost replied that she has been chairing the committee on student evaluations and that she needs to speak with Bob Avery in regards to some legal issues.

Vice President Moskowitz asked President Champagne if he could tell us how this process was handled in some of his former institutions.

The Provost replied that the issue is complicated in RWU because of the manner in which we evaluate faculty members. We are unable to deny tenure because of certain circumstances.

The President suggested that we make it part of the syllabus telling students that they are expected to fill out evaluations.

Regarding the Meditation and Performing Arts Centers

The President replied that these are ideas that have been around for a while. He said that we need a place that would hold large numbers of people and would have a gallery, and performing arts center. These projects would be funded by private donations that are being developed pursued at this time.

President Champagne would like to attend the November Senate meeting to discuss some of the reorganization plans.  He will be added to the agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Submitted by,

Peter Alfieri, 1st Vice President

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