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Diversity Committee Minutes 9/29/10

The Faculty Senate Diversity Committee

Minutes:  Meeting of Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GHH 108 2:00 p.m.

Present:  Rom Woodruff, Alan Canestrari, Ferd Schroth, Jen Campbell, Bob Engvall, Rebecca Leuchack, Chuck Trimbach, Mike Swanson.

  • Alan Canestrari distributed a list of past initiatives of the Diversity Committee, including initiatives in which it collaborated.  The Committee held a general discussion of those initiatives, their current status and then proceeded to consider possible initiatives for the coming year.
  • Among these:
    • Creation of an area on Bridge for the archiving of Diversity Committee activities in the past, and for encouraging discourse on Diversity now and into the future.
      • Mike Swanson will contact Linda Beith requesting this
    • Contact the University Communications Office to request that the Inclusive Excellence mini-grants awarded at the end of the Spring Semester be publicized on the University website.  Request that the publication include the summary provided as part of the application process, so that readers are informed about the purpose and scope of the winning proposals.
      • (is there a volunteer for this)?
    • Seek ways to recruit and retain a more diverse student body:  in part, to support the Education Program in its efforts to meet diversity standards.
    • Establish liaisons between the Diversity Committee and other groups on campus with an interest in and impact on Diversity.  Among those mentioned:
      • The Advisement Center
      • The Multi-Cultural Center
      • The Intercultural Leadership Award program (ILA)
        • Mike Swanson will contact Don Mays about this
      • The English Language Institute and those working with International Students
      • The President’s Council on Inclusive Excellence
    • Invite President Champagne to participate to the full extent his busy schedule allows.  Because Diversity and Diversity-Related issues are at the core of the University’s values, and because the groups working on fostering inclusiveness are so many and report through so many channels, the logical place to coordinate, promote, and encourage this important work resides in the President’s Office.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 3:00.  Regular meetings of the Diversity Committee are held the final Wednesday of each month of the semester, adjusted for vacation periods when classes are not in session.  Members of the Roger Williams University community are invited to bring issues to the attention of the community through any of its members. 

Submitted by Mike Swanson, Secretary Pro Tempore.

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