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Steering Committee Minutes 9/24/10

Faculty Senate Steering Committee

Meeting of September 24, 2010



Members attending:  Jim Brunnhoeffer, Veronica Maher, Tom Sorger


1.  Student Evaluations of Teaching

A new questionnaire was developed and refined, but has yet to be implemented.

The low response rate to the online questionnaire continues to be a significant obstacle

to obtaining reliable information about teaching.  At other institutions this problem has

been addressed by making completion of the survey a course requirement, or else a

condition for the release of the final grade.


MOTION:  The Senate recommends adoption of the attached questionnaire as the

Instrument to be used for student evaluations of teaching effective this semester 

(Fall, 2010).


2.  Mission Statement

When the Faculty Senate was constituted, the first charge to the Steering Committee

was to recommend language for the University’s mission statement.  It seems timely

to revisit the mission statement, particularly in light of the ongoing reform of general

education.   The Steering Committee proposes to (a) collect suggestions for revising the

mission statement until November 1, 2010; (b) collate these suggestions and present

them at the December 1 meeting of the Faculty Senate.


Respectfully submitted,


Tom Sorger

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