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University Life Committee Minutes 9/15/10

University Life Committee

Minutes September 15, 2010 


Roberts, Joseph (Senator, FCAS-Social Science, Chair)

Fobert, John (Libraries)

Hawkes, Catherine (FCAS-Humanities)

King, John (Student Affairs)

Melchar, David (Senator-at large, GSB)

Nester, Nancy (Senator-at large, FCAS-Humanities)

Ozer, Koray (FCAS, MNS)

Thomas, Charles (SECCM)

Webb, Paul (Senator-at large, FCAS-MNS)

Old Business:
Graduate Student Survey
Committee discussed the need to decide on how to act on the results of the Graduate Student Survey completed last year. Each member of the committee is going to analyze the survey for important trends for the next meeting so we can start prioritizing what students want (and ways the university might implement them).

New Business:
Bulletin Boards/Kiosks
The committee discussed a need for wider means of communication within the university community through bulletin boards or kiosks. There was significant discussion about the need these to post student, faculty, and other announcements. Questions: Has email supplanted the traditional bulletin board? What are the fire code issues that limit options in this regard? For the latter, the committee will invite Dan Gough to come to talk at a future meeting about this aspect of the issue.

  • These should be located in multiple high traffic locations
  • Additionally, there should be a centralized system for electronic messages (i.e., TV boards.
  • Another possibility is placing ads on Student Programs and Leadership TV channel.

Faculty Place
The committee discussed a need for a gathering place for faculty, a faculty center. In the past, former VP of Academic Affairs, Malcolm Forbes used to invite faculty to socialize but after space became limited, the practice stopped. Jim Tackach organizes a monthly event off campus. The committee discussion centered on the need for such a place, the utilization of that space, what other universities in our peer and aspirant group have (or do not have), and how such a space may enhance our campus community. The space might be useful in fostering the transdisciplinary nature of new programs.

The lack of space on campus remains a problem. One possibility is the lower commons room, which is underutilized. One problem with the room is that it is configured for traditional dinner seating rather than discussion or dialogue. Another question is how to encourage faculty to use the commons more (take your professor to lunch days every month, for example).

The ULC would like a charge from the Faculty Senate.

MOTION:  That the University Life Committee explore the feasibility of a faculty center to encourage greater interaction of faculty through dialogue, exchange, and support.

Lost and Found
The ULC found itself discussing the lost and found policy and procedures. Based on anecdotal evidence presented to the committee there may be a lack of knowledge about those policies.

MOTION:  The ULC would like to request a link on the website (bottom of initial page, perhaps) to lost and found policies and procedures and a once per semester reminder to direct all lost items to the appropriate place (public safety).

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