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Faculty Development Committee Minutes 9/15/10

Faculty Development Committee

Meeting Minutes – September 15, 2010 


Time and Location:  4:00 – 5:30 pm in GHH G07

Attendance: Cliff Murphy (chair), Gary Shore, Li-Ling Yang


1.)    Welcome Prof. Gail Fenske to serving on the FDC; Prof. McMillan has stepped down in order to focus better upon a number of art shows he is organizing for the immediate future.


2.)    The FDC was tasked by the senate with investigating best practice in determining the qualifications of and hiring procedures for adjunct faculty.


3.)    Program Grant Proposals for the Provost’s Teaching Colloquium – the FDC administers this, and should get the call out soon, but I recall from last year that many of the applications had to do with conference attendance and I would like us to discuss making minor revisions to the form to make the budgets easier to read rather than have most of the travel related items classified under “Other”.



Item 1 – did not happen, we were missing most of the committee including Prof. Fenske; since this was scheduled for the same time as the President’s event at his house: blame the chair for this oversight.

Item 2 – Discussion of hiring of adjuncts within our own departments – the general sense is that departments determine their own criteria for qualifications and then submit their proposed hires to the Dean for approval.  After discussion, we decided to each reach out to contacts at other universities to see what practices are in other institutions. 

Item 3 – Discussed changes in the award – suggested language to break out conference travel as a separate budget item, and possibly an item where applicants describe whether they have received money through this program previously, and how they disseminated /shared those outcomes with the faculty.  Will ask the Provost about this award and whether we can make those kinds of changes at all.

New business – There was a brief discussion of intellectual property and student rights with respect to IP, to ask if this is a subject that could be addressed by the FDC or if it would be better to bring it up to the Faculty Senate. 

Tentatively set future meetings as the third Wednesday of each month, with a starting time of 4:15 pm as being more convenient.

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