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Academic Standards and Policies Committee Minutes 9/14/10

Roger Williams University

Faculty Senate Academic Standards and Policies Subcommittee

Minutes: September 14, 2010

Present:  Jennifer Stevens, Cliff Timpson, Matt Gregg, Robert Dermody (chair),

Attending next meeting:   Kathleen Dunn, Louis Procaccini, Mary Wu, Jacquline Cottle, John Madritch

(Note: due to the difficulty in finding a common meeting time for such a large committee, the committee has agreed to meet on alternating days each month, so more people can participate.)

Meeting called to order at 3:30PM

  1. Organizational Business


  1. Fall 2010 Meeting times & dates:

Tuesday, September 14, 3:30-4:30PM

Monday, October 18,  12-1PM

Tuesday, November 9, 3:30-4:30PM


  1. Continued Business


  1. University plagiarism policy – update

At the April 7, 2010 meeting of the Faculty Senate, a motion concerning academic integrity issues on campus, made by the Academic Standards and Policies Committee, was passed.  (See motion below.)


Motion: It is recommended that the academic integrity policies and procedures at RWU be revised to establish a University Panel for Academic Integrity, the overseer of which is the new Associate Provost of Undergraduate Studies. (Spritz, Speakman) 26-0-1


In response to this motion, Sue Bosco, Becky Spritz and Bob Dermody were invited to meet with Associate Provosts Potter and Koritz on June 16, 2010, to discuss the motion and current academic integrity polices. 


The provosts indicated there was preliminary administrative support for establishing a university-wide panel for addressing issues of academic dishonesty across campus, and requested that the Academic Standards and Policies committee get back to them with a proposal.


It was agreed by all at the meeting that the Academic Standards and Policies Committee would take up this issue in the fall semester and report back to the Faculty Senate and Provosts with suggestions on establishing a University Panel for Academic Integrity.



  1. Discussion –

×          Committee members agreed to review existing academic standards polices in the University catalog and on the university website.

×          Concern was mentioned about consistency of academic integrity policies in paper catalog and on University Website

×          Cell/smart phone use with respect to academic integrity

×          Are incidents of academic integrity breaches being tracked?…if so by whom?

×          Should we consider establishing an honor code?

×          How should different offenses be dealt with?

×          How is the issue of academic integrity covered at ne faculty orientation?

×          Student forum on academic integrity issues


  1. Action Items

×          Re-read current academic integrity policies in catalog and online to familiarize ourselves with their content.

×          Review how braches of academic integrity are handled in each of our schools or departments

×          Determine if there are any revisions, we can suggest

×          Research peer/aspirant institutions for information on their use of academic integrity panels….their composition etc.



  1. New Business – none





Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.



Minutes submitted by R. Dermody

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