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Executive Committee Minutes 9/13/10

Executive Committee Minutes for 9/13/2010

In attendance: President Champagne, Provost DeAbruña, President Bosco, Vice President Alfieri, Vice President Moskowtiz

President Ron Champagne

Welcomed us and said this is a University because of what the faculty does.

No one should leave this school without being exposed to the arts and sciences.

He said the he believes in doing things in a collegial and transparent way.

He continued saying that he has met with the deans and will be meeting with the faculty.

He said that we are in a different point and we want to make the case for the University.

Regarding fund raising.

It should be school-based fund raising.

The University and the faculty should identify prospective donors to make a case for its needs.

Create fund raising teams according to school/division.

Determine who on that team has the best connections.

The last person to ask for money is the fundraiser.

The fundraiser adopts a client-based approach.

School-based fund raising would involve an approach that takes the names of parents and alumni as a starting point.

Do market analysis.

Fund raising could be specific to each school.

The President said that he enjoyed the Senate discussion.

The President stated that the process is essential to the product.

He also stated that the core curriculum (new General Education program/) should make the University stand out.

We should create a clear brochure that promotes how the educational process works.

To make aware of anything else that he should know.

Regarding Adjunct Faculty

The matter has been referred to the Faculty Development Committee.

We should involve senior staff to answer questions about the issue.

Provost De Abruña

Stated that (at?) this University we have (a) quirky culture that took her several years to learn.

She thinks that our Senate could be considerably strengthened.

She said that it is important for the Senate to generate a list of issues that we would like to discuss.

Regarding the Gen. Ed. Questions.

Provost De Abruña said that she liked the idea that VP Moskowitz had proposed of separating them as content, process, operational.

She instructed Vice President Moskowitz to send her the questions and she would give them to the Gen. Ed. Committee members.

The Senate Curriculum Committee was to receive the entire plan on 9/15/2010.

Regarding the Gen. Ed. Questions.

President Bosco said that we hoped to have them before Tuesday.

The Senate Executive Committee will go to the Gen. Ed. meeting on Friday Sept. 17.

Faculty caucuses will be held on Sept. 21st and 22nd.

President Champagne

Said that reorganization is something that he wants to revisit.

He does not want to consider it a closed issue.

He continued saying that he needs to get more information about it.

Provost De Abruña

Suggested that perhaps we could have a series of discussions about the plan with the Senate.

President Bosco

Asked President Champagne how he handled reorganizations at other institutions.

President Champagne

Replied that there are things that the University should be doing, such as:

Meet with the faculty involved, and have a complete deans’ inventory.

He reiterated his desire to enhance the sciences and performing arts.

Regarding development

He suggested that we find board members who are good at development.

President Champagne stated that we needed a capital campaign that is tied into the needs inventory – you have to be able to identify a need that donors to the university can meet through their donations

Submitted by,

Peter Alfieri, 1st Vice President


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