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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate meets on the first Wednesday of the month during the academic year. Agenda for these meetings are posted below.  The Faculty Senate does not meet in the summer. Questions may directed to the executive committee.

2017-2018 Faculty Senate

President:Susan Bosco
Vice President of Academic Affairs: Renée Soto
Vice President of University Matters: Dave Moskowitz

Senators   Div/School Term Expires
Al Cutting   SHAE:Hum 7/19
Beth Duffy   SAHP 7/18
Robert Engvall   SJS 7/19
Michael Hall   SJS 7/18
Tony Hollingsworth   At Large 7/18
Barbara Kenney   Library 7/19
Alexander Knights   GSB 7/19
Marybeth MacPhee   SSNS: SS 7/19
Elliot McKinley   SHEA: Arts 7/19
Michael Melton   GSB 7/18
Roxanne O’Connell   SHEA: Hum 7/18
Jennifer Pearce   SSNS: MNS 7/19
Joseph Roberts   SSNS: SS 7/19
Mark Sawoski   At-Large 7/19
Ferd Schroth   GSB 7/18
Aimee Shelton   SCS 7/18
Tom Sorger   SSNS: MNS 7/19
June Speakman   SSNS: SS 7/18
Jennifer Stevens   SHEA: Hum 7/19
Charles Thangaraj   SECCM 7/19
Mel Topf   SHEA: Hum 7/19
Adria Updike   At-large 7/19
Annie Winfield   SHEA: Edu 7/18

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